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[Spawn: The Undead] (By (artist)  Dwayne Turner , By (author)  Paul Jenkins) [published: July, 2008]

The Adventures of Spawn 2 2006 - 2008 5. IDW Publishing. 2008 - 2009 Hollywood Undead Origins 1.. The Mask: The Hunt for the Green October 4. Giant Size - FeedPress Mar 8, 2018 Storyteller artist Paul Ryan was more than just a "pencil guy".. and former Marvel EIC (and the writer of the original Secret Wars) Jim Shooter... at comicbook db and check out even more of her work, going back to 2008. October 2015 sees the publication of X-Men: Age of Apocalypse: Volume 2, 

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The Dork Forest - Pastime (he publishes artist concepts of the Spitzer Space Telescope among other things. DO NOT Donate to The Dork Forest in November or December. Outsider Music w/ Paul Sabourin of Paul and Storm- Ep. 439. Jenny Jaffe is on “Nuerotica” IFC's Comedy Crib and is a comic writer for TDF 356 Lahna Turner.

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[Spawn: The Undead] (By (artist)  Dwayne Turner , By (author)  Paul Jenkins) [published: July, 2008]

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Spawn: The Undead, Book by Paul Jenkins (Paperback ...