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[My Faith in Frankie] (By (artist)  Marc Hempel , By (artist)  Sonny Liew , By (author)  Mike Carey) [published: November, 2004]

By Aneurin Wright 48 pages, color Published by Image Comics. We’re seeing more and more comics printed landscape, these days. I’m referring to comics where instead of being taller than they are wide, the book’s been rotated 90 degrees so now it’s wider than it

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[4] In June 1994, Lee donated the 53 newly discovered paintings to the In 2014, National Gallery Singapore published Eisner-nominated comic artist Sonny Liew's. [1] Nanyang artists The pioneers of the Nanyang Style are Liu Kang, Chen.. Comics' My Faith in Frankie together with Mike Carey and Marc Hempel. Literary Singapore - National Arts Council Sonny Liew 31 He has published two volumes of poetry,. Literary Review, June 2010. nominated for the Singapore Literature Prize in 2004.. He received the Young Artist Award (Literary Arts) from work includes Wonderland (2009), My Faith in Frankie. (a collaboration with Mike Carey and Marc Hempel for. Best Fiction for Young Adults | Awards & Grants

Sonny Liew is a Malaysia-born comic artist/illustrator based in Singapore. He is best known for his work "The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye", the first graphic novel to win the Singapore Literature Prize for fiction in 2016. Mike Carey (writer) - The Full Wiki Carey was born in Liverpool, England, in 1959 - describing his young self as "one of those ominously quiet kids . . . [who] lived so much inside my own head I only had vestigial limbs". As a child, he maintained an interest in comics, writing and

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[My Faith in Frankie] (By (artist)  Marc Hempel , By (artist)  Sonny Liew , By (author)  Mike Carey) [published: November, 2004]

THE JOHNNY BACARDI SHOW'S BEST COMICS OF 2004! Or, to be precise, the comics that I read in 2004 that I liked the most and/or in most cases were ranked consistently high in my reviews. I freely admit that as always, there were many excellent titles that came out


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