Beatles US Album Reissues Mark 50 Years Of Their US Invasion

The Beatles Story on Capitol Records: The Albums

The Beatles' Story is the sixth album by the Beatles in the United States, issued on 23 November 1964 by Capitol Records in both mono and stereo formats It is a  The Beatles' Story on Capitol Records, Part Two: The Albums ... "The Beatles'Story on Capitol Records, Part Two: The Albums" is the second volume of Bruce Spizer's epic Capitol project. The book opens in 1964 with the  The Beatles Story on Capitol Records, Parts One and Two ... The Beatles records in close-up, packed with details, anecdotes, facts you never knew before The Beatles' Story on Capitol Records, Part Two: The Albums. The Beatles' Story on Capitol Records - Part 2: The Albums ... The real story behind the Capitol albums Meet The Beatles! through Magical Mystery Tour, with explanations of why the Capitol albums were different than those 

In October 2011, Bruce Spizer has published a new book on the Beatles U.K. records titled Beatles For Sale On Parlophone Records. Elaborated in association with Franck Daniels, the book will offer over 350 pages including high quality photos and cover the Beatles Dave Dexter, The Beatles, and Capitol Records | Folkrocks Dave Dexter is not the most popular figure in Beatles lore. He’s most notorious for adding reverb to some of their early recordings for their US releases on Capitol Records—mixes that can be heard on the CDs The Capitol Albums, Vol. 1 and The Capitol The Beatles Capitol Albums - Vol 1 -

Celebrate 50 Years of Globe-Sweeping ... - The Beatles

Beatles For Sale on Parlophone Records covers all of the singles, albums and The Beatles' Story on Capitol Records, Part Two: The Albums Cover Image 

THE CAPITOL ALBUMS VOL.1 - 1964, The Beatles - This box set contains the original four Capitol Records' Beatles albums that were released in 1964 in the US. Lets face it, back in the late '80s, it was both the correct move, and the wrong move, when the

Beatles – The Beatles Story Rainbow Label Capitol Stereo 2 ... An early stereo pressing of the 1964 2 LP set, The Beatles Story. album Hear the Beatles Tell All, Capitol issued their own documentary album as a two-record  The Capitol 6000 website - Beatles Different Record Labels All the Capitol Beatles albums were reissued on this label, INCLUDING The Beatles Story and the three 6000 series albums, but no Apple album. This label is 

The Beatles Story on Capitol Records: The Albums

12 Dec 2013 21, leading up to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' first trip to America. early next year, Capitol Records will re-release all of 13 the Beatles' CDs (with the exception of the audio commentary album "The Beatles' Story") 


The Beatles Story On Capitol Records Part One (Digital ...